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Victa Lawn Mowers

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"Victa is an icon brand that's still proudly made in Australia. We are glad that the community recognises Victa as a lifestyle brand of choice. A whole routine was even dedicated to Victa at the opening ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games!

Over the past five decades, Victa has earned a reputation for innovation, strong performance and rock-solid reliability. Today's generation of user-friendly Victa mowers maintain that heritage. By listening to our customers we have also evolved our products to meet the demands of a changing climate and increasingly diverse lifestyle. In fact, many believe our latest line-up is the best and most complete range ever offered by a mower manufacturer."

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All Victa Lawnmower Models 1955-1969 (1.6mb)


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1955-1961:  Rotomo 18", Special 18", Sheerline, Four Star, Standard.

1961-1964:  Four Stroke, Utility, Cadet, Envoy, Viceroy, Ambassador, Utility, Consul 2.

1963-1965:  Consul 4, Corvette 2, Corvette 4, Commander Super 4, Utility, Consul 2, Cortina 2.

1964-1966:  Cortina 4, Corvette 4.

1964-1966: Commander Super 4, Commander Self Propelled.

1964-1966: Corvette 2, Consul 4.

1965-1968:  Consul 2, Utility.

1966-1968:  Corvette 4, Self Propelled.

1967-1968:  Utility, Cortina 2.

1967-1968:  Corvette 2

1965-1967:  Pace Special 4, Pace Deluxe 4.

1965-1968:  Pace Deluxe 2, Pace Special 2.

1967-1968:  Pace Deluxe 2, Pace Premier 160cc.

1965-1968:  Stencil Mayfair 2, Stencil Mayfair 4, Stencil Barclay.

1968-1969:  New-Utility 125cc, New-Utility 160cc, Special 2.

1968-1969:  Cortina 2, Corvette 4, Corvette 2.

1968-1969:  Self-Propelled, Key-Lectric.

1968-1969:  Pace Utility 2, Pace Deluxe 2.

1968-1969:  Pace Premier 2, Pace Auto-Key.

1968-1969:  Stencil Mayfair Deluxe 2, Stencil Mayfair Deluxe 4.