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The history of the Toro Company dates back to 1914. It is created, in Minnesota, as the Toro Motor Company with one purpose - to manufacture tractor engines for the Bull Tractor Company. Five years later it is renamed the Toro Manufacturing Company and ventures into the agricultural implement field with the introduction of the To-Ro cultivator.

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In 1921, Toro took one of their tractors and attached several lawn mowers to it. The purpose was simple - to mow the fairways of a Minnesota country club - the Minikahada. It did the job but was not the answer to the problem of mowing large turf areas. They did not come up with the solution until 1937 when they manufactured their first professional mower. It had a 76-inch cutting deck.

At the same time, Toro was building smaller power mowers for the public. In 1935, they had produced the Homelawn. It was an advance on their Silver Flash a walk-behind, push lawn mower. Homeowner also complimented the products of their first acquisition, Whirlwind.

By 1959, Toro was manufacturing rotary lawn mowers and their attachments. This was also the year, the company ventured into the territory of rear-end engine riding mowers. They followed this up, in 1968, with the first lawn mower with an electric starter and, in 1973, with the Groundsmaster 72 a hydraulic motor rotary mower that pushed the industry to further innovations.

In the 1980s, Toro already offered their customers a complimentary line of lawn products. They expanded the possibilities and selection further when they purchased Lawn-boy in 1989. To their product line, they added the HydroJect, the Recycler, for recycling lawn clippings and a mower created specifically for European customers.

Today, Toro manufactures a complete line of garden and lawn supplies. They serve a very diverse group in both the commercial and residential fields. Toro provides products for sports field managers and homeowners alike. They cut the golf greens as well as your back yard and the local wealthy estate. They provide lawn and garden tractors, mowing equipment and large area mowers. Toro also puts back into the community. The Toro Foundation receives a sum of every purchase made.

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