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Ah the lover of the lawn mower! A suburban icon, an excuse to tinker with a motor, a go-cart for big kids or just a way to reduce the height of your lawn.

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This little site will attempt to explore the wonderful world of lawn mowers in all their glory. So sit back, relax and have a flick about and find your answers and hopefully be a bit entertained.

What's New?

When have been getting a few emails on how to fix broken mowers so we have started a repair guide.

And much more - see the full guide here - Mower Repair Guide

And for the dummies...

A lawn mower or lawnmower is a machine driven by motors, a beast or a man, that has one or more revolving blades to cut grass at an even length to create a lawn. Lawn mowers divided up into two categories depending on the axis of rotation of the blades. If the blades rotate around a vertical axis (like most of the mowers these days) its know as a rotary mower. If they rotate horizontally they are know as cylinder or reel mowers.